Below is the table . It is taken directly from the Player’s Handbook (page 103). d100 . d100 . 01-02. Universal Magic Items. ... Inspired by the 5E DMG and available on DM's Guild along with similar tables . Magic item tables are often for monsters but these are for use by characters or DMs wanting to add magic items to an adventure for. This d100 table was selected by my generous Patrons. If you'd like a chance to decide what d100 tables I'll work on next, drop a dollar into my Patreon! ... Gridin's apparent greed is actually religious devotion, as he attempts to sow as much chaos into the world as he can. All the money he makes personally is donated to the church, to. Continue reading Table of Tables, Hijacked. Tags d100, epic, fantasy, science fantasy, tables; Categories. ... The d100 pseudo-magical tomes was one of my first posts on my old blog, Cauldrons & Clerics, and here I'm bringing it to expanded un-life! ... Continue reading 33 A hundred familiars of Chaos. Tags chaos, D&D, d100, list, poster.

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